Medical Kits

primum non nocere - First, not to harm. - ~

What Should be in my Kit?

You should not have any item in the basic kit that you are not totally familiar with and have received training in the use of that item. If you don't know how to use an item, don't put it into your kit.

Your kit should be for those people you know you are responsible for. Not for any imaginable type injury you can think of. If you have a diabetic or asmatic member in your group, that person's individual kit should have the neccessary items in there kit to address there needs. Commercial first aid kits will not include any item for the Special Needs members of your traveling party. You may consider including advanced items and equipment in your comprehensive kit, even though you may not need or have the ability to administer them. In time, you or a member of your party may require, or become certified in there use.

When considering the contents to stock in your kit some important factors to plan for are:

  • Skill Level of people who will utilize the kit.
  • Number and age of people dependent on the kit.
  • Length of time you will need to rely on the kit.