State Assessment Maps

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. - Cory Thomasson

When evaluating a location for emergency/disaster planning you should be aware of the hazards unique to that area, and the best way to avoid them. Urban or rural areas, as well as regional location, all have factors you should prepare for. Make sure that you evaluate the area that you live in carefully and identify the hazards before a problem occurs.

Whether your planning to "batten down the hatches" or "get the hell out of dodge" the map below can be used to assist in your planning efforts. After reviewing your home state map, make sure and examine surrounding state maps for any hazards you may encounter during an evacuation or events that may effect your safe house . These maps can help you identify high risk areas such as:

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Population Centers
  • Military Facilities
  • Natural Disasters
  • ...

As you examine the maps for hazards, keep in mind the potential by product of certain events. In times of emergency Government Authorities may utilize universities, community parks and recreation facilities, and airports as staging areas for recovery efforts. Many will decide it wise to avoid such locations, but in certain circumstances you may find it necessary to reach these sites for responses to events they offer.

Accessing Hazard Maps

Using your mouse left click the desired state. Assessment maps will open in a new window.

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