Sheet Bend


  • Nothing works better for tying different types of material together and joining different thicknesses of rope.


  • Good for natural-fibre rope, (strong and easy to untie, even when wet and tight).
  • Suitable to join ropes of uneven thickness
  • Ideal to tie a rope to an existing loop (eg in the corner of the tarpaulin), or to a bight (eg for making a net or a Parisian Baudrier a makeshift chest-harness), or to an eyesplice (eg in the bottom corner of a flag).


  • Both ends must protrude from the same side of the knot; (otherwise the knot is weaker and can spill).
  • The Sheet Bend tends to loosen and spill, particularly in artificial-fibre ropes and/or if the ropes flap around and are not under strain. To minimise this risk, each end can be tied off around its standing part using a single or double Overhand Knot.